Medical School Facts

As future medical students you are probably wondering what it is like in medical school and is searching the internet of med school FAQs in order to prepare for the unknown. I did the same back then and it didn’t answer much of my queries or maybe I didn’t search too hard. Anyway, here are some of the med school facts I’d like to share with you. These were not the conventional FAQs but I hope you find it useful.

FACT 1: There is never enough time.

Due to a lot of readings, examinations, paper works and ward works, time seems to slip by easily. Before you know it, deadlines are there and you’re cramming all these lessons because you just have a lot of things to do. It would be beneficial if you could read ahead. It would give you a chance to study harder and cram less.

FACT 2: You know nothing.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t know anything at all. It just feels that way sometimes due to a lot of medical jargon that you would encounter for the first time. It is also mind blowing how doctors [consultants] were able to diagnose different diseases and explained it simply when we spent hours looking for it and we still arrive at the wrong diagnosis. Every time that happen it feels like a Jon Snow moment; “you know nothing, [your name here]”


FACT 3: You will never feel prepared enough for an exam.

Despite reading, memorizing or even having group studies, you would still sometimes feel that you haven’t prepared enough for an exam. There will still be a topic that you haven’t read, or a term that you forgot or a topic that you just read in passing and can’t recall now because there are a LOT of lessons you have to read in a day.

FACT 4:  You need help.

As the saying goes, no man is an island. You can’t do everything alone. There’s only one you and what seems like a million things to do in med school. Loads could be lighter if you let others help do some work for you. Even in non-academic matters, others could help you in unloading the stress and sometimes the heartbreak that med school brings.

FACT 5: Know how to relax or you’ll go crazy.

Studying hard is a given in med school. However, you should still give yourself even just a few minutes of relaxation despite the chaos of lessons and paper works. Studying all those lessons would not matter if you go to crazy town before you graduated.

FACT 6: If this isn’t your passion, QUIT NOW.

You would invest a lot of time, effort and money in being a doctor. You would see your batch mates in high school and college getting married, having their babies or buying their first car while you’re there thinking about your next practical exam. You will miss birthdays, holidays and family vacations because you’ll be at the hospital. That will be your life and you would endure all that because you want to be a doctor. If this isn’t what you see yourself doing in the future, why waste years of your life studying something you don’t love?

Med school is definitely a hard and long journey. These were just facts that I think you should know and prepare for before you tackle med. Good luck!

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